Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eight months later - 18 April 2011

I am awed by the progress the little trees have been making. They have grown an amazing amount in such a short time.

I've spotted little eggs on one or two of the trees over the months and promptly decided to spray them with a mixture of rain-guard, liquid copper, fish emulsion (to amongst others also deter rabbits and possums) and Yates Conqueror spraying oil. Also found some evidence of roller leaf caterpillars which can apparently be quite a pest. I've sprayed three times, having no effect whatsoever on either of the pests. Now when I spot the eggs or worm "nests", I just remove it by hand.

At least a metre high after
about 8 months

Need to mow the lawn!

Some of them, like this one,
seem to be growing more 

towards a bush shape. These are the
ones that originally had two main 

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