Monday, August 15, 2011

Snow in Palmy

The latest weather update on says it all:

[Major weather disruption around NZ
New Zealanders are being urged to stock-up on emergency food and water tonight as the worst winter storm in decades is set to continue.
The Antarctic blast, described by MetService as close to a one in 50 year event, has seen roads, schools and airports closed, cut power to thousands of homes and stopped mail deliveries in parts of the country.
The storm had also brought snow in places that don't usually see it, including Wellington and Auckland where snow hasn't fallen in more than 30 years.
MetService spokesman Bob McDavitt said today was likely to be the coldest day and warned New Zealanders to prepare for more snow over the next few days. 

Some pics of our poor trees.

15 August 2011.

A rare sight in Palmy. Our snow covered grove.

Snow starting to weigh heavily on some
of the young branches.

The snow has turned the countryside into a fairytale scene - if only I wasn't so worried about my trees!

Snow meter?

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