Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One of each - 2 January 2012

I've decided, just for fun, to buy one of each type of olive tree that I can lay my hands on. It should make for a nice experiment to see how the different trees are doing in our area. We allocated an area amongst the other fruit trees where all the odds and ends are planted.

So far our 'one of each' collection includes:

- Pendolino
- Leccino
- Rakinos
- J2
- Chemlali
- Signore
- El Greco
- Koroneiki
- A mystery tree - one that was here when we bought the land.

Then there's my other curse which forces me buy nearly dead trees in an attempt to "save" them from fatality. As part of that we also have 4 Barnea, 2 Verdale and one each of Frantoio, Ascolano and a J5. The latter 4 also make up the bulk varieties of our grove.

The search continues.

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