Sunday, April 8, 2012

Compost mulch - two flies with one slap :) - 12 January 2012

Yes, I know, 'two birds with one stone' is the correct English for the saying, but that sounds so mean, cruel, really just conjures up terrible thoughts of dead birdies. Wait, maybe when the birds start stealing our olives, I might change my mind about them. As is currently the situation with the possums. They look so cute and cuddly, but they really are a pest. Fortunately then don't like olives, but they eat just about everything else including rose buds! One friend suggested that I start a little possum grave yard, which might not be such a bad idea after all. If I spread them nicely, marking the spots for the next batch of olives trees, they can serve as compost. And as another friend then said - that's what she'd call compossum! 

With our imminent SA visit and being out of the country for 50 days, we thought that mulching with compost around the trees should at least keep the weeds sort off at bay. Boy was I wrong - it grew like crazy! But that aside, we ordered six cubes from The Landscape Yard and started hauling buckets full of shit up the hill. What a mission. Fortunately our friends, Brian and Trish, came to the rescue, helping us one morning to make a huge dent in the mountain of compost.

Within 5 days the job was done and dusted. And what a pretty sight - a freshly mowed, clean of weeds and cared for grove.

The dung beetle at work! Not as effective as the real McCoy though ...

6 cubes - a fairly significant heap of compost.

Ready for action.

About one cube to go.

Should do something about the pavement ...

Isn't that a pretty sight?

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