Sunday, May 22, 2011


Having difficulty finding enough relevant information on the internet, we reverted back to good traditional old books. I realise that it would have been the right thing to do my homework first and I'm probably doing everything wrong (I'm sure the experts would say) - planting the trees and then trying to gain some knowledge about the subject, but as everybody knows: when passion kicks in and the heart takes over, the mind and rational thinking takes second place :).

Gerry sourced most of the books on TradeMe, secondhand, and we bought one new from Capital Books in Wellington. They are:

Producing Table Olives - Stan Kailis & David Harris (Capital Books)
The Good Oil. Growing olives in New Zealand - Mike Ponder
Pruning and Training Systems for Modern Olive Growing - Riccardo Gucci & Claudio Cantini
Olives the New Passion - Genevieve Noser
The Olive Book - Gareth Renowden

All Kiwi and Aussie related, with some of them published by the CSIRO and others by local growers. This should keep my busy for a while, so excuse me while I go do some research.

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