Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Getting wet feet

Olive trees apparently don't like wet feet. And while this might not be a problem higher up on our slope where the grove is (the soil around there seems to be beautiful no matter the time of year), there appears to be a soggy area lower down which could pose problems for the trees at the bottom.

With the turn of the season over the past couple of weeks, we are getting more and more rain and I figured it might be a good idea, sooner rather than later, to remove the carpets that we've placed around the trees in the first place to keep them from drying out during the drier summer months.

So off we went on a cold, windy, rainy, monday morning, to get on with it:

Up and down the hill, collecting carpets.

My "puffiness" is not a water retention problem,
it's the wind blowing me literally off the hill!
Checking for spiders and other "monsters" before
handling the carpet.

My poor little tree! A horrible Nor' Easter blew some of them over, stake and all! fortunately they are tough little
buggers and I could just straighten it up and stake it again.

We found these bugs under most of the carpets.
Hope it's not a bad thing!?? 

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