Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plantgroup NZ

Surprise! This parcel was waiting
on our stoep/veranda when we
arrived back from a short run.
Okey, so we finalised the tree list, started to source suppliers and bought some trees.

:) Happy days!

Our trusty supplier (Plantgroup NZ, Hawkes Bay) who supplied the 100 baby Manzanillo trees last year, again came to the party. We ordered another set of 100 baby trees - this time 25 x Ascolano, 25 x J5 and 50 x SA Verdale. They charged us only $350 for the lot, delivery included! We've decided to expand on the supplier list a bit and some of the same varieties will be sourced from other nurseries.

Tharfield is another nursery who will supply a batch and Gerry also got a couple on TradeMe from a supplier in Napier. More on this later.

We're still searching for suppliers for Picholine, Sevillano and Kalamata to complete our grove.

Little trees, all tucked in and packaged for delivery.
And more. :)

J5 trees. Fortunately they were labelled. I would never know the
difference between the varieties!

Ascolano. Or Ascolarno, as they are sometimes referred to.

South Australian Verdale.

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