Friday, May 20, 2011

New arrivals! From Tharfield/Incredible edibles

Oh oh oh! I am like a four year old on X-mas eve! So excited, I battle to hide the silly grin that seems to find it's place on my face whenever my mind wanders (almost 100% of the time) to our newest little babies.

The new batch of trees arrived this morning. The delivery guy met us at the Summerhill shopping centre, since he is driving the longest truck still legal on NZ roads :), and struggles to make tight turns and manoeuvre on narrow farmroads. No problem, we said, and shortly after seven, we starting to unload from Transflora onto Aokautere Fun Cargo!

The trees are probably about a year older than the ones we got from Plantgroup, but also a bit more expensive at around $9/tree. We ordered:

25 x Frontoio
50 x Ascolano
30 x J5

They delivered four Ascolano's extra - kind of them and we're very grateful.

The result of the larger trees was that we had to make two trips to get all the trees home. And while I was driving the first batch, Gerry was unloading and waiting for my return in the parking lot, probably looking like he was selling olive trees! :)

But they are beautiful little trees and we are so much closer to completing the planned grove. Still need to find some Kalamata, Sevillano and Picholine.

Early morning in Palmy with the sun only starting to rise.

Very friendly delivery guy, Charlie, passing on the trees to Gerry.

Car, uhum, olive tree guard at
Summerhill shopping centre.

A very happy chappie in the back of our car
amongst the new trees.

Carting 105 trees around the "farm" is
no easy task!
My preciouuuus!

30 J5 trees.
25 Frantoio's.

50 Ascolano's.

They are currently sitting next to the water tank where they are best protected from the wind
until we get them in the ground.

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